It is possible to heal and to return to vibrancy

Whether we have experienced a physical trauma (accident, fall, surgery, shock, etc.) emotional, relational, or developmental trauma, (neglect, lack of attunement, emotional or physical abuse etc.), it is possible to heal and to return to vibrancy and a greater aliveness than we ever imagined.

Eye of the Needle.

Eye of the needle work is designed specifically for near death states; those who have woken up during surgery, had near death experiences, and/or profound spiritual states that are unintegrated. This work is also excellent for very early trauma. Early trauma impacts the body, the nervous system, and the developing psyche in numerous ways; the effects are cumulative and can cause havoc throughout a life time.

Pre and Post Surgery

Fear and stress prior to surgery can dampen the immune system; unresolved trauma from previous surgeries interferes with the body’s innate healing ability. It is important to connect past traumatic medical events with current anxieties and symptoms, and resolve them before moving forward into the next surgery.

Healing Through Touch

Sometimes traumas locked in the body may need touch to help bring healing more rapidly and at a deeper level. For some clients, the resource and capacity-building that this work encourages is all that is needed to overcome traumatic patterns, or habituated beliefs. For others, we create enough stability for the necessary trauma resolution to take place.

Dr. Julie Brown Yau’s 30-year background in psychological, somatic, and spiritual traditions provides a unique depth of knowledge and experience. Her psychological and spiritual study and practice has embedded a deep passion for resolving trauma, reducing stress and suffering, and cultivating compassion and joy in our lives.