Meeting Trauma
on a Spiritual Path



In our exploration of the nondual nature of trauma, we must first begin with its relative dualistic expression. We will explore how unresolved trauma is a barrier to the fullness of love and embodied awakening, and why trauma must be resolved for stabilizing refined states of consciousness.

As we explore, we will see that along with our remarkable capacity to heal from the devastating effects of trauma, we also have an amazing ability to guard against our deepest wounds. These mechanisms, often outside our awareness, prevent the deepening of our spiritual path.

By allowing ourselves to become aware of our vulnerabilities and fears we allow our innate strengths to be revealed. By taking the risks needed to heal/grow, and through a process of acceptance, we can uproot the crux of trauma and dissolve the defenses we have built against being our most authentic self.

In this Series, Julie touches deeper aspects of topics addressed in her first Course. Watching the previous Course before attending this one is advised, yet not compulsory. You may access it here:



Psychobiological & Spiritual Perspectives on Trauma
Increasing our Capacity for Connection, Aliveness & Joy:

In this unique 5-week interactive course, we will explore how to create healthier levels of connection, aliveness & joy. By deepening our knowledge of trauma and how trauma affects us, we can begin to resolve symptoms and unconscious patterns and defenses, to significantly enhance our lives and relationships. Exploring the intrinsic relationship between trauma and spirituality can foster emotional maturity and psycho-spiritual growth.

Each week we will explore different aspects of trauma, with psychobiological, neuroscientific & spiritual perspectives. A weekly somatic practice will assist us in self-regulation, deepening somatic awareness, and expanding our capacity for embodied presence. The traumas we endure and resolve within the body/mind are a crucial part of opening to deeper levels of compassion and awakening the spiritual heart.

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The following are comments about our last webinar

“Thanks for setting this up. I got more answers to explain my trauma history in the last 3 sessions than I’ve had in 40 years.”

“I am 67 years old and have worked with 2 psychotherapists over the past 10 years to change survival patterns that began with a trauma that occurred when I was 5 years old. I began the spiritual practice of centering prayer 8 years ago. The missing piece has been the body.  There are no somatic therapists near my home. What a beautiful gift your webinar has been for me.“

“What a touching ending to a great, informative and helpful course. Julie’s depth of knowledge on the subject of trauma is brilliant.”

“Julie and her work are extraordinary! She is pure integrity and she is a rarity today both in how she teaches, communicates with pristine clarity, awareness while staying completely conscious and connected in truth.”

“The course was very valuable for me. The presentation was wonderful – well organized and yet fluid and alive… but also much of the value for me came from the way that Julie so naturally shared her personal experience, being an example of vulnerability that is grounded at the same time. I feel that being with someone – even in an online class setting – who can model that way of being present with others, is so healing.”

“I have been watching all the webinars and feel like I am getting all the info I am needing even though I haven’t been at the live events. “