About Dr Julie

Dr. Julie Brown Yau’s 30-year background in psychological, somatic, and spiritual traditions provides a unique depth of knowledge and experience.


Hello, and welcome to my website.

As you browse the site, I trust you will find some understanding, direction, and confidence for the resolution of trauma, and greater depth in an unfolding spirituality.

From the beginning of my exploration in psychobiological and spiritual practice, a deep passion was embedded for resolving trauma, reducing suffering, while cultivating compassion and joy in our lives. Though disciplined practice and deep explorations and study, a passion was born, to sit with others in their difficulties and help them recognize what the core of their pain may be. I work with you, to help you emerge from developmental, acute, and intergenerational trauma renewed and revitalized. This is part of my dharma, my life work.


A Unique Depth of Knowledge

I have a 33-year background in psychological, somatic, and spiritual traditions, which provides a unique depth of knowledge and experience.

Born from a fascination of what lies below our conscious awareness, and how trauma shapes our lives, I gained a PhD in somatic depth psychology, and master’s degrees in both spiritual psychology and depth psychology. I specialize in developmental, inherited, and shock trauma, and have studied and taught with some of the leading experts in the field of trauma and somatics today. I am also a Dream Pattern Analyst and a trained yoga teacher.

I am an authorized teacher of the Tantric Eastern lineage tradition Sri Vidya, of which I offer courses and individual training. The combination of resolving trauma and spiritual practice can help us to both develop and grow into a profound sense of wholeness while discovering our true nature.

I am also an author, currently working on my third book.

I work with individuals and groups, in person and online, across the globe.

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