About Trauma

Trauma may be affecting you physiologically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and socially.

Early & Developmental Trauma

Did you know that most of the challenges and difficulties we endure in adulthood can be traced back to our developing years, beginning in utero through the first 10 years of our life?

Emotional stress, often hidden under conscious awareness, from childhood, is also major cause of psychological distress and physical illness in adulthood.

Your very early life experiences may leave you feeling unsafe in your body and in the world, lacking self-worth, or that you are ‘bad’ or not ‘deserving’ or feeling shame. A child always blames themselves for a failing environment, and carries that blame forward into adulthood, often unconsciously.

The adaptations and strategies you took on to endure the challenges of infancy and childhood, come from lack of nurturance, love, holding, attunement, not perceiving been seen or heard, being left alone to ‘cry it out’, or more obvious neglect, abuse, and shock trauma. In each strategy to survive the awful pain, you gave up your unity, some part of yourself, to remain feeling safe and attached to your caregivers. In this choiceless experience, you give up your authentic expression for the love of your caregiver, for your survival. The good news is you can change the underlying dynamics, beliefs, and patterns to renew how you experience yourself, others, and the world. You can gather, assimilate, and integrate all the split off aspects of your being, bring emotions to completion, and return to a vibrant sense of wholeness and authentic expression.

The seriousness of unresolved developmental trauma, infant neglect and abuse is tremendous. The cost to humanity is dire, our investment in optimizing healing for ourselves and our children cannot come too soon.

Lack of nurturance for infants and children disrupts the development of brain processes that help us develop a unified sense of self. When our early physiology is dysregulated, our psychology is built on a shaky foundation. You can rebuild and renew your foundation, to stabilize a sense of self that is whole, confident, and joyous.

Your Unique Experience of Trauma

It may be outwardly obvious to you and others, or you may be suffering inwardly, silently hiding your inner world from others. You may even be confused about your pain and its origin even as you are drawn to explore the work of healing trauma.

Trauma robs you of the fullness of life, connection, intimacy, peace, and your full aliveness and joy. You may feel like your previously known, innermost self has died—or that you have never fully known that innermost being and the joy and freedom that life can offer.

Although the myriad symptoms of developmental, inherited, and acute trauma often look the same, they need to be addressed differently. In our sessions, we will begin to recognize what applies to you through recognition, insight, practice, and the ensuing transformation. Once you begin the resolution process, you will start to emerge from trauma’s innate constriction to generate a positive, lasting expansion of your consciousness, while finding a more authentic expression of your being. The more you grow through our work, the more you become self-actualized, the easier it becomes to dismantle the underlying dynamics of trauma and dissolve what is driving the symptoms.


Transforming Trauma

Transforming Trauma, rather than disregarding, burying, or shutting it away — can lead to positive restoration and reemergence of your unique self and full vitality.

You can uncover remarkable, hitherto unrecognized aspects of your being—strengths, creative potential, wisdom, compassion, and your connection to Source. Trauma healing can be regenerative, returning you to the love that you are.

Many people are searching for an innate sense of spirituality to overcome the painful sense of disconnection that we face today. As you heal trauma and familiarize yourself with spiritual practice that I offer both in my book and more specifically through the courses, you can reconnect with your body, yourself, others, the world, and beyond.


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