Body Awareness as a Gateway to Healing Trauma

With trauma attracting greater attention in the fields of psychology, affective and contemplative neuroscience, and spirituality, I can draw on a wide and rich array of integrative interdisciplinary theories.

As trauma’s serious impact is more widely acknowledged, the silence surrounding this terrible problem is being broken. More people are realizing the effects of trauma in their lives and finding their way through the rigors of trauma’s consequences to joyous well-being.

Humans can change themselves for the better. The exercises in ‘The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma’ can enliven your whole body with life force and creativity, invigorate or calm you, and bring you into the present, rather than living with your lingering unresolved past or in disconnection or collapse. You’ll cultivate a greater sense of the natural presence of the divine, which many spiritual traditions and religions believe is always present. There is no other place to go but here, with all your vitality and capacity to be, cultivating your capacity for deep presence and awareness. However, most of us must purposefully work to open to this state of being or to allow its natural grace.

Unresolved, trauma continues to live in your body. Following a traumatic experience, how you feel inside your body, even the way you hold your body, colors your perception of yourself and the world. Your body is either perpetually scared, on high alert and overly vigilant, or shut down and disconnected to varying degrees. This creates an inner tension that heightens your perception of actual and potential danger, consciously and/or unconsciously. Fear blocks your inherent love and wisdom. Your body may not know that the trauma and danger is long past, even though you’re rationally aware of this.

It’s important to feel balanced and grounded in this world. As you work toward realizing your dreams and nourishing your spirituality, I’m standing by you, both metaphorically and energetically.

As you learn and practice the exercises in The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma, you’ll find an intimacy and connection with your body that you may not have known before. You’ll learn to freely express yourself with a clear, strong voice with robust boundaries, to live to the personal rhythm of your heart’s deepest desire.

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