The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma

A Scientific and Spiritual Approach

Be Empowered with Skills, Practice and Insights.

The goal and vision for my book is to empower you with skills, practices, and insights that will help you heal from the ongoing repercussions of trauma and adversity within your whole-body system.

Rather than presenting complex technical descriptions of the neurological processes involved in trauma responses, I offer a basic, comprehensive scientific, psychobiological, and spiritual perspectives of trauma and its symptoms. There are myriad exercises to help you recover from your experience of trauma while developing resilience—the ability to bounce back from challenging or traumatic incidents.

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Reconnect to your Body

Because the trauma experience is embedded in your body —that is, it touches all your body systems —it must be addressed through your body and body awareness. The body includes your brain and nervous system and thus related to your thought processes, emotions, perceptions, imagination, and rational thinking.

Your safety is paramount. As much as you need to be in touch with your embedded trauma, it is vital that you connect with what was not available to you at the time of the trauma. Achieving this, through the exercises and skills provided, can shift both your physiology and your psychology, diminishing or dissolving the consequences of trauma.

The book is not a substitute for therapy; indeed, it can be a great support to use while in therapy. But it is a stand-alone book that can help you reconnect to your body and body awareness, integrate disconnected parts of yourself, and restore your nervous system to harmony and coherence. It is a guide to exploring your inner world as you connect to the world around you.

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