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A Body/Mind Orientated Approach

In the many years of working with trauma, a cultivation of a deep recognition and intuition allows the work to flourish.

In each session I utilize my 30 years of experience and unique education which includes a PhD in Somatic Depth Psychology, MA’s in spiritual and depth psychology; masters level NARM, and SE. I am also trained in other leading-edge therapies, which allows me to address your individual needs. In the many years of working with trauma, a cultivation of a deep recognition and intuition allows the work to flourish.

My body/mind-oriented approach may include ‘hands on’ work when needed. Gentle and supportive touch may help heal early traumas through regulating the nervous system, while supporting connection and organization in your body/mind.

Meeting online is also an immensely powerful way to work. The intersubjective field is just as powerful as if we were in the same room

During any session we foster the emergence of new and healing experiences through the gentle processing of the various types of trauma or stress. There are many types and categories of trauma. It is important to know that developmental, acute, inherited, intergenerational and collective trauma, may have similar symptoms, but they need to be addresses differently.

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Crisis and suffering can offer opportunity.

Often extraordinary capacities awaken that otherwise would lie dormant, unknown, and untapped. I strive for the utmost safety, your empowerment and inner strength, while helping you discover your authentic self, vitality, and capacity for connection and joy.

Healing includes facing your fears, to find freedom in the moment, to reclaim your full and vibrant sense of joy. In our sessions you will discover places that have never felt broken. You can safely emerge from shutdown and immobility, to complete and integrate the tumultuous emotions that lie below those states. Any frozen states are gently thawed, and incomplete defenses and emotions are gradually brought to completion. Integration helps you link together elements of your experiences that may have become disconnected through traumatic experiences. Over time, integration of the split-off or repressed parts of your experience restores your ability to function at your fullest, feel safe, grounded, and joyously alive.

We organically bring what lies in your unconscious to awareness. As this happens there is an inner renegotiation that occurs, a recalibration of your body/mind systems. We dissolve strategies, patterns and limiting beliefs, to reveal your greatest truth. Your body’s inherent wisdom will naturally move you toward healing—toward connection, aliveness, and your deepest longing or heart’s desire, previously obscured by trauma.


A profound way to get to the crux of anguish and pain, uproot it, and transform your life.

Although it is powerful to work through trauma in weekly or bi-weekly, or bi-monthly sessions, planning an intensive can be a profound way to get to the crux of anguish and pain, uproot it, and transform your life.

An intensive is a 2 or 3-day period. The program is always personalized given your unique needs, capacity, depth, and intentions.

If you are looking for a more immediate and profound transformation, to unleash and engage in your full creative potential, the intensive maybe the growth platform to take you into a deeper region of awakened consciousness, allowing a greater wisdom and healing to emerge.

Personal sessions are required before signing up for an intensive, to be sure you are prepared for the powerful and transformative work.

Individual classes are available to learn a range of pranayamas, movement or Lasya Tandava, and specific meditations. I do not teach practices such as mindfulness, but dedicated practices that are directed toward awakening and knowing your true nature.

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