Shri Vidya

A Path of Embodied Knowing and Integrated Wisdom

Fostering a deeper connection to your self and the world around you.

Shri Vidya is part of the ancient Tantra school of wisdom. It is considered the strongest Yogic science.

The practices are dedicated to the divine feminine or Shakti within us all. Shri Vidya includes methods for awakening the body-mind spectrum, energetically calibrating them toward wholeness, while awakening us to our authentic self and true nature.

Like the work of healing trauma, Shri Vidya works on our bioenergy and neuro electro systems, and our psychobiological processes. Unlike trauma work, the sacred technologies tantra uses are specific meditation, mantra, visualization, nyasa, yantra, and ritual/puja, to connect us to vast fields of consciousness, or Ishtadevata. The Ishtadevata are ultimately no other than who we are, Love. The courses and practices I offer are a means to connect us to and return us to the Love that we are.

Tantra practices, alone or combined with trauma resolution, fosters the foundation for embodied knowing and integrated wisdom. You will forge a deeper connection to your Self, to one another and the world around you and beyond.

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Healing Trauma and Spiritual Practice

How needed it is, especially when in pain, when we feel separation the most, to know we are not alone.

Often, just knowing there is another loving being with us, to see us, hear us and to attune to what we are going through, gives us the strength to endure and heal the most awful experiences.

There may not always be another human being able to be present with us. However, the practices from Shri Vidya offer us myriad ways of connection that are immensely powerful. The connection with the divine feminine, in her many displays as Ishtadevata or Goddesses, can bring us the knowing that we are not alone.

The Goddesses assist us in cultivating a life of connection, compassion, presence, and awareness, while simultaneously dissolving ignorance. By accessing the Goddesses or fields of consciousness, our inborn dualistic bias begins to dissolve. The sense of separateness from our true self, one another and the world no longer holds true.

The exploration and realization of the inner domains of consciousness, does not guarantee the resolution of trauma. However, when addressing trauma directly, with the powerful combination of spiritual practice we may find a tremendous capacity for transformation.

I have found that when bringing practices that connect us to the Goddess in the context of healing trauma, there is greater healing, wisdom and awakening. The nondual system of Shri Vidya can return us to the all-encompassing totality. Healing trauma allows this return to remain unobscured.

Shri Vidya Practice

I am an authorized teacher of the offered practices, and a long-time student of Maa Uma-Parvathi Natha, who is a direct and close disciple of Shri Amritanandanath, one of the eminent Shri Vidya Masters of modern times.

Parvathi has been tutored by some of the reclusive and revered masters of Shri Vidya and the Vedantic tradition. Born in India into a Vedic and Brahmin family, Parvathi has dedicated her lifetime to the practice and preservation of Shri Vidya and Vedantic teachings. She has trained in three authentic and traditional streams within Shri Vidya as well Trika and Vedanta and is a lineage holder and authorized teacher of Shri Vidya.

How can Shri Vidya help?

Contemplative practices that include subtle-realm perspectives from both Eastern and Western traditions have been shown to influence recovery from early trauma.

The Shri Vidya practices I offer are drawn from ancient wisdom traditions and are adapted for our contemporary existence. Neuroscience has recognized an explicit result of these practices for building new neural pathways that become the basis for behavioral changes and improvements in our lives. Nevertheless, the ancient practices existed long before neuroscience; compassion and connection to our true nature is more than the firings of neurons in the brain.

Did you know our brain’s plasticity (its capacity for neuronal reconfiguration) can rely upon our capacity to imagine and feel, and then to try new ways of being? Healthy neurons may depend on a plentiful inner life. Shri Vidya brings us this through practice. Beyond the rich interiority that is cultivated, the practices offer doorways to other wonderous dimensions of being.

Trauma is terrible, and yet you can feel exhilarated and empowered when you have healed from its devastating effects. My own inner life, enriched from healing trauma and having a sustained spiritual practice, has become expansive, vibrant, and quietly joyful. I have found the innate essence of love that lies within us all, the infinite vastness of the cosmos, and the multiple dimensions in between. We are the cosmos and the embodied self. If you take on the practices with the divine feminine, you can discover this for yourself. I look forward to you joining the enriching courses and the exploration of the divine feminine to help you on your healing journey.

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