Trauma & Spirituality

Trauma and spirituality may seem to be radically different, yet these aspects of your experience are intimately and inextricably connected.

A Deeper Spiritual Path

Unresolved trauma can obscure higher states of being, while healing trauma inevitably opens you up to an embodied spirituality and more expanded states of consciousness.

Spiritual and religious paths have a long history of emphasizing spirit and spiritual states, yet they consistently neglected the body. The denial of the importance of the body cut us off from the brilliance of our senses, intuition, instincts, and capacity to heal trauma. Today we know the importance of both our physiology and psychology for healing, and we have an added benefit when including a spiritual practice.


Meditation & Healing Trauma

Meditation alone is unlikely to undo the psychodynamics of repression, suppression, dissociation, or immobility due to trauma, or provide insight to the effects of trauma.

Identification with spiritual experiences or states can become a primary defense against what was once intolerable in the body and the childhood interpersonal world. Spirituality, for many, became an unconscious means to bypass the pain of trauma. This does not mean that spiritual states, realizations and experiences are not valid, but unless embodied, and trauma healed, they tend to be transient states.

However, meditation or other spiritual practices, along with the psychological and physiological aspects of healing trauma, visualizations, and a conscious use of imagery and imagination, or other senses, have been empirically verified to bring positive outcomes of illness and trauma.

Flourish with Aliveness

The deeper your inner work goes, the greater clarity you discover, and the clearer your connection to spirit or Source.

Your renewed sense of life force fuels self-expression, intuition, healthy aggression, sexuality, passions, creativity, and your heart’s desire. It allows your aliveness to flourish.

Through our work together, you can foster an innate and embodied spirituality, corresponding to the flow of your own life force energy. You will learn to safely be with and allow all your human expressions and experiences to flow through you. Nothing needs to stick; everything changes. And, even amid ongoing change, there is a level of mind that is unchanging, unbounded in which all of life is displayed.


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